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What should you do if people criticize you always, without any reason, just to make themselves feel better?

Answer by Edo Morgen:

Ignore them.

If their point of criticizing is only to make themselves feel better, then you should step back and distance yourself from them. Further arguing with their critics will only be stressful for you while they will derive pleasure instead (as I have seen quite often in most anonymous internet discussion).

There will be many people who will criticize you, especially if you are a public figure. Most of the critics won’t be pleasing and even some will lack any logical reasons to back them up, as the picture above shows.

That’s why, the effective solution would be ignoring them.

In fact, one of the way Wikipedia communities use to deal with this type of problem is Revert, Block, Ignore. As this simple idea suggests, you need to:
  • Revert the damages the critics have done (by deleting their comments if online or by pointing out that the critics are not in respectful manner)
  • Block and ignore them from disturbing you anymore (by actually blocking them if online or by not taking their hurtful critics to heart)

Of course, it’s not that often that you ran into a guy that would openly criticize you without any logical reasons so he could feel superior than the people he criticize. Think through why they are doing that and whether that’s the usual thing they do to you. If they criticize just because, then ignore them.

Source: Jimmy Kimmel Live’s Celebrities Read Mean Tweets With Mindy Kaling, Emma Stone, and Julia Roberts: Watch Here!
What should you do if people criticize you always, without any reason, just to make themselves feel better?

A Hand That Leads: What We Are Supposed To Do With Life


By: Alfredo Morgen Wiria — Photo credit: Unknown

I have this particular problem recently.

I woke up in the morning, stayed in the bed for a while, and said to myself: “What I am trying to do?”.

I did those things because I don’t have anything to do.

Even if I do have some things to do, like going to college, preparing breakfast, doing my homework, and many other countless task, I still wonder why I am doing it.

I don’t have a purpose, or so I thought.

I spend some good ten years of my childhood life beginning the morning by being told what to do by my mom and dad, my older siblings, or my teachers. I just followed what they said to me. Like: do this, do that, you got to eat this, here is how you can do it, something like that.

It might seem trivial, but those things they told me, become my guide in my walk of life.

The Hand that Led Us
It’s just like ever since we started our walk in life and whenever we take a step in life, we always have a figure beside us, who told us where to go to, firmly grasping our hand and helping us continuously. Like a father holding the little hand of her daughter, leading and guiding her whenever she goes in her search of the wondrous world.

Then, one day, that hand is gone.

Actually, the figure has been too frail for world ahead. He let go of our hand, so we can go farther. But, then, we are alone. The figure we always know is not there anymore. No one else to lead and guide us. We need to do many things ourselves.

What are we supposed to do with our life?
Well, that’s what my life looks like this 6 months, living a college life. I had grown so used to getting told what to do, that when it’s the time for me to do something without being told what to do, I was confused.

What are we supposed to do with our life anyway?

I don’t have an answer myself, but out of thousand of things we can do, I think we are supposed to lead others.

We were born alone after all, but then someone came, approached us and held our hand. This figure then becomes the one who show us the world around that we never know.

He didn’t have to lead us, but he did so anyway.

For most of us, the figure that we will lead is the future generation, our own child or other child that was left behind or born unloved. But for some others, it will be their little family members: their cousin, niece, nephew. Then, to some gifted others, they will lead their friend, co-worker, or even an entire nation.

We will lead others just like someone else have led us.

This knowledge, it won’t change your life in a single night, as it doesn’t change mine either. But, there comes a satisfaction, that whatever we are doing right now and what we will do, it makes us go farther, closer to be a person that will lead someone.

We will no longer be a follower, but a leader.

And for many of us, we are just like the children that now have to go on alone. With the end in mind, that one day, we will lead someone, just like we have been led. It is our purpose then to ensure that we will be a person worth doing it.

Alone in a Crowd: How Being Confident Can Change Us


By: Alfredo Morgen Wiria — Photo credit: Dhilung Kirat

Let’s go 10 years back to the past.

In a certain elementary school somewhere, you would find a shy and insecure boy, doing everything he could to be recognized as somebody by others around him.

But, unfortunately, no one did.

I bet you would recognize him instantly, because he was the only odd one around. No friends surrounded him, he didn’t play like they did, he just sat and looked at them from the corner.

That boy was me.

And I believe, some of you also share the same problem.

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Life Must Go On: Why We Need to Let Go of the Past


By: Alfredo Morgen Wiria — Photo credit: Nicholas Jackson

One week ago, I went through a life-changing event.

I went to a university, one that is located so far away from my hometown.

My family that has poured so much love to me, gone. My friends that have kept me accompanied for a long time, gone. Familiar faces and places that have since been become part of me, also gone.

It’s just like I have just lost a big chunk of my life. I felt broken and empty. I spent some days crying, longing for the good old days that seems like a whole life to me.

The change was too big and too sudden.

In the whole stressful days, a thought crossed my mind.

Life must go on. Everything will change.

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Earning Your Happy Ending

By: Alfredo Morgen Wiria — Photo credit: Thomas Kinkade

What Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and Snow White have in common? Aside from being made into movies by Disney, all of them ended with their titular character achieving a happy ending.

But, if we observe closely, their life before the happy ending were very miserable: Cinderella was made into a servant all day by her evil stepmother, Sleeping Beauty fell into deep slumber for a long time, and Snow White’s own evil stepmother wants to kill her.

They did achieve a happy life in the end, but it was after going through several problems and misfortunes along the way.

Which is just like our life, isn’t it?

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